Survival Traits

Angie Manning's Immigrant Survival Toolkit

It is about survival of the most prepared - not the fittest or the strongest physically

You have the back bone and what it takes to make it. Let me show you how to add muscle mass, fiber and guts as you embark on one of the most daring journeys a person can take-that of permanent settlement in a foreign land.

Perseverance - Critical Ladder to Success

If your goal is to climb the ladder of success, you will need daily doses of perseverance. The climb is often mountainous and rocky but the tenacious, determined immigrant is more likely to make it.

Spiritual Guidance & Diretion - Battery and Charger for Survival

Having a higher power as your source will provide the necessary tune-up, favor and help as you strive to make it overseas.


Integrity, Character & Skill - Survival Nuts and Bolts

Work on acquiring, sharpening and building your skills but take note that skill without character and integrity is like a door without hinges.


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Focus & Direction - Survival Map

A sense of direction and proper focus is absolutely necessary on your journey as an immigrant. Listen to your inner voice and be willing to burn the midnight oil if needs be to achieve your goals. Others can provide opinions, suggestions and some will even try to discourage you, but you will ultimately have to get behind the wheels of your own life and find your way to your destination, be it in academics, career, business or life in general.


Diligence - Glue that Keeps it Together

Be diligent; eventually it will all bond together.


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