Angie Manning's Immigrant Survival Toolkit

Keys and Doors in the Toolkit

Always remember that the keys to your destiny were placed by God in your hands; do not surrender them to another, an institution or a system.


It is not every key that fits every door. Learn the way of life, rules and protocol wherever you find yourself. There is no one size fits all situation.

Adaptation - Major Survival Tool

The new land is not the same as your homeland; however, you will not make great strides until you make it a home away from your homeland.


The most frustrated immigrant is the one whose body, mind, soul and spirit do not dwell in the same land.

Manual on Love & Relationships - Necessary Tool

Never be in a hurry with matters of love. Always remember that your potential partner had a history, character, lifestyle and culture before relocating; you cannot change that but you can control and manage your own choices and decisions.




Too many institutions await the unfocused immigrant. If you did not live in a prison cell, hospital, mental institution, drug rehabilitation center or sea of debt in your homeland, you do not belong there overseas. Make it your duty to avoid such institutions and circumstances as much as possible.


Master the art of tongue control; wisdom demands it. Wise people control the tongue; the unwise are controlled by it.

Appreciation of cultural diversity

Learn to appreciate others and their differences. The diversity of the universe is one of the reasons God's creation is so beautiful. Flowers, plants, animals, food, humans, the galaxy and more all form a part of this beauty.


When you come to accept that your world is merely a dot in the whole scheme of things and appreciate the positives in others, your life becomes more engaging and beautiful.

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Personality & Accent

Let your personality and will power speak louder than your accent; those who matter will accept you. Do not make your accent a problem.


Talents - Powerful Tools

Work on your gifts and talents and allow them to make room for you. If used well, talents can be powerful tools for elevation so sing, write, produce, create, design, study, teach, preach, encourage others, will make it; the keys are in your hands.


Before and after you migrate, be sure to have your travel documents - check out the important guides, lessons and tips in my book "Lost Crossing Broad Way: 40 Survival Lessons for the Wise Immigrant" and my survival toolkit pages.

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