United Kingdom

United Kingdom - the Monarchy, Immigrants, Diversity

London, England

“An astute immigrant must … ensure that it is not merely the host country which will benefit from his or her contribution, but that s/he will excel, having relocated.”~~~Angie Manning Edusei

“…the exchange of a first- class lifestyle in a ‘third world’ country for a life below the poverty line in a ‘first world’ country is not a worthwhile bargain.” ~~~Angie Manning Edusei

Birmingham, England


“An immigrant must … understand the social, career, academic and political ‘terrain’ and ‘infrastructure’ of the land to which he or she has migrated.”~ Angie Manning Edusei

““A smart immigrant must map his or her direction. Any road will not take you there; unless it is a trip to nowhere.” ~~~Angie Manning Edusei


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