Eiffel Tower at night


If you cannot see your way forward, something might be blocking your view.


So, first step back, change your position and vantage point; then see what unfolds; it is largely about vision.”

“To a person with open vision, academic and professional growth and success are not defined or controlled by country borders.”


“…until we get to the point where we are utilizing both innate talents and learned skills to excel and succeed, most of us will feel that something is lacking in our lives.”





Statue of Liberty, Île aux Cygnes

Île aux Cygnes


A symbol of the French Revolution, two Statues of Liberty are located on the Île aux Cygnes on the Seine (pictured) and in the Luxembourg Garden. A larger version of the statues was sent as a gift from France to America in 1886 and now stands in New York City's harbour.

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