About Angie

“Excellence has more to do with character than luck or one’s personal circumstances..." ~ Angie Manning Edusei

"Lover of God, life, people, travel, nature, entertainment, international cuisine and culture".




“At each point in time, we are either sowing, reaping or sowing and reaping.”


Angie has a strong Christian faith. Among other teachings, she believes in the Bible as the undisputed Word of God, the teachings of Jesus Christ, baptism in water for the forgiveness of sins, the infilling of the Holy Spirit, tithing and giving financially as a responsibility of the Church.



Notwithstanding her spiritual persuasions, Angie has, understands, respects and appreciates her many friends, loved ones and well wishers of various faiths and religious beliefs.


Angie Manning's academic journey spans the fields of economics and law. She completed a Master of Science degree in economics at the Universiy of the West Indies and is currently reading for a juris doctorate in law.


Her professional experience in education, administration, counseling and banking, as well


as her extensive travel to various parts of the world, serve to broaden her understanding of multiple issues of relevance to a wide cross-section of people.



Being honoured by the Consumer affairs Commission, Jamaica where she served as Chief Executive Officer.


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Academic Excellence

As students, Angie's daughters know the value of a sound education. They have done well in school and have represented the U.S.A. and their respective schools as part of scholarly delegations to Australia and South Africa.

Australia is fast becoming one of the preferred destinations for many permanent immigrants.

“To a person with open vision, academic and professional growth and success are not defined or controlled by country borders.” ~Angie Manning Edusei

“Academic excellence is always a good remedy for quelling racial and such prejudice, especially in the classroom.”


"Such a work is long overdue. Many people leave the comfort of their homeland with insufficient information and resources, and face extreme hardships in the process. Some never recover. As is her trademark, Angie Manning produced a book which is sealed with her mark of excellence, bolstered with wit and backed by experience. She is a woman who continues to make an impact on her world regardless of where she lives. This book is a novel piece of work which provides the road map for anyone migrating to the western world." Norris Crooks, President, Kiwanis Club of Kingston

Angie's Travels

If you cannot see your way forward, something might be blocking your view.


So, first step back, change your position and vantage point; then see what unfolds; it is largely about vision - Angie Manning Edusei